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Our Services Statement

Interested about our services or need advice? Then please get in touch, and we will be glad to help.

Education Doorway is one of the leading student consultancy firm in the UK, recruiting students for Universities and Colleges and offering prospective student support. We are highly collaborative, helping you in researching and finding a few effective solutions as per your requirement.

We believe international students should benefit from trusted expert advice on UK universities and courses. Our professional and experienced consultants will support you during the initial consultation, application process, arrival in the UK, and the entire university study process.

Currently Education Doorway is the most influential and professional education consultancy provider in London. We aim to provide simplified, professional and efficient service to our students.


Bespoke Student Services

Education Doorway is here to assist anyone who intends to study in the UK. Our professional services include:

Student Counseling

Our one-to-one consultation service will support you a lot in making the right decisions about your education and career. A study shows that almost all of our clients are happy with our one-to-one consultation service, whereas 85% think this service provides valuable advice and guidelines about their education and careers.


Our one-to-one consultation service will provide you with:

  • Free consultation with our skilled and experienced education consultant/ a university specialist in our office or through Skype/telephone
  • A list of universities with their available courses and requirements to enroll in
  • Guidelines for filling in the enrolment application forms
  • Guidelines of making/editing your statement (that is a requirement to enroll in many universities of UK)
  • Advice to get ready the required documentation for enrolment at university
  • Advice on how to fulfill the university requirements
  • Information on when the intake/session are started and ended at universities
  • Information on available scholarships offered by universities
  • Advice on how to get conditional and unconditional offers from universities
  • Advice on how to ensure CAS at your chosen university
  • Support you from beginning to ending of course which you have enrolled through us

Our experienced education consultant will evaluate:

  • Your aims and goals, along with your dream career
  • Your education (background), qualification, skills, and experiences
  • Your financial and other circumstance
  • The market trends and demand of your chosen course
  • Any potential changing direction of your chosen course in future
  • How your chosen course may support you to achieve your dream career
  • If you are eligible/suitable for the chosen course
  • At which universities your chosen course is available
  • Advise you about the requirements of universities to enroll in your chosen
  • Provide information about the course fees and durations at different universities and the intake/session of your chosen course
  • Guide you about what documentation you need to enroll in your chosen course

Course Selection

Our course selection service will help you choose the right course to achieve your dream career.


University Selection

Choosing the right course at the right university is essential. Some universities are notable for some courses and the support it provides. Our institution selection service will help you choose the right institution to achieve your dream qualification.


As part of this service, our experienced education consultant will provide information about:

  • Locations of different universities/institutions
  • Facilities provided by different universities/institutions
  • Quality of education and ranking of particular institution/university
  • Teaching and learning environment of particular institution/university
  • Resources (lecturers/tutors, library facilities) available at particular university/institution
  • Any scholarships offered by a particular institution/university
  • Tuition fees and payment options of particular institution/university
  • Which university/institution can be the best suite for you

Creating of Application:

  • Our education consultants will seek all the required documentation from you
  • Our consultants will evaluate your documentation provided
  • Our consultants will professionally complete at least four-five application forms at your chosen universities

Professional Editing:

  • Our experienced education consultants will evaluate your statements and CV
  • If your statement needs any editing, our professional editors will support you
  • If your CV needs any editing, our professional CV writers will help

Application processing:

  • Our education consultants will submit your application to your chosen university on time
  • Our consultant will track and monitor your application progress from time to time
  • Our consultants will contact to university and you about any updates on your application

Offer from University:

  • Our education consultants will process offers for you from the university
  • It is our responsibility to ensure conditional/unconditional offer
  • If we fail to ensure an offer letter from your chosen university, we will provide a full refund of our service charge

Admission Services

Many overseas/international students face difficulties processing their application to a UK University. Our experience says that the students find filling the forms/the chronological procedures very haphazard in many cases. Their confusion makes the application null and void, through the student was a prospective candidate for the designated course at the university.

Not only that sometimes the students lose their due course because of this time delay/procedural mistake, but it also costs them a year from their golden career.


Scholarship Assistance

UK, Canada, and Australian governments and universities offer several scholarships to international students. Some of the scholarships are awarded as contributions toward tuition fees.


Most of our partner universities offer generous scholarships as discounts on tuition fees. Some factors contribute to the success of the award. Our experts carefully craft your application to secure the best outcome:

  • We actively promote international students' scholarship chances
  • We provide a full range of information on available scholarships offered by different universities, organizations, or the government
  • Run assessment if an applicant is eligible for scholarship and discount
  • Make aware when and how to apply to get the best outcome
  • Assist with a list of documents and preparations required for scholarship applications
  • We fully support you submitting these applications, catching errors, and strengthening them
  • Advise and monitor the progress of the scholarship application

The purpose of the CAS interview:

  • To test the gentility of the applicant
  • To test the English proficiency and communication skills of the applicants
  • To investigate the genuine interest of the applicants towards the subject and the career
  • To investigate the knowledge about the institute and the course module
  • To investigate the expectations and knowledge on living in the UK
  • To discover more about the financial capabilities and gentility of the sponsorship

UKVI Interview:

  • UKVI interviews are often taken over a phone call in a pre-scheduled manner
  • The interview can repeat if the caseworker is unsure about any matter
  • Interview questions may be duplicated, and linking questions may be asked
  • Interview questions vary based on the applicant, often reasoning
  • It includes applicant aims, past study, future goals, course, university, and finance

Interview Preparation

The Tier 4 students must be prepared to face any form of interview or credibility tests by UKVI during their visa application process. These interviews/credibility tests are often taken by video-linked, telephone, and some occasion face-to-face. Our visa consultants will help you get ready for these interviews/credibility tests and provide you with all the required and relevant information. Our caseworker will work closely to get you ready confidently.

UK universities interview for some countries, e.g., Bangladesh, before issuing the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).


Visa Documentation

Tier 4 students must pass point-based assessment and have to score 40 points to ensure visa. Our visa consultant will provide detailed information about the point-based system and how to score 40 points to fulfill the requirements of the Home Office/UKVI.


UK Tier 4 students must pass the point-based assessment and score 40 points to ensure a visa. Our visa consultant will provide detailed information about the point-based system and how to score 40 points to fulfill the requirements of the Home Office/UKVI.

Our visa consultant will help you in the processing of your visa application. He will guide you about:

  • Fill in the visa application form
  • Payment of visa application fees
  • Payment of Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)
  • Preparation of visa credibility tests/interviews
  • Medical test/TB certificate
  • Biometric Residence Permit Card
  • Other related documentations

The international students do not have family members, relatives, or friends here in the UK. On the other hand, as newcomers, the international students do not have experience with transportation systems and the location of the UK. Considering these issues, we provide Pick Up service to our international students.

As part of this service:

  • We will collect all the travel documents (including photo/scan copy of air tickets) before you travel to the UK
  • We will receive you from the airports
  • We will select transportation (such as train, tube, bus) or hire taxi, which one is convenient for you and your destination

Airport Pickup Service

Our experiences say that many international students (who visit the UK for the first time)face difficulties in reaching their destination from airports.


Accommodation Support

Many of our international students say they do not have family members, relatives, or friends abroad; hence, they don't know how to sort out accommodations.


Internation Students do not have experience of how to arrange accommodation. Therefore, many international students request that we organize/manage a suitable accommodation.

Therefore, we provide Accommodation services for these overseas students.

As part of this service:

  • We will consult with you regarding your financial circumstance and expectation of accommodation
  • We will define locations considering your financial circumstance and distance of your college/ university

As part of this service:

  • Register & Activate UK mobile
  • Find suitable accommodation
  • Collect Biometric Residence Card
  • GP or Doctor registration
  • Reporting to the university
  • Get a Bank Letter from the university
  • Open Bank Account
  • Register for Oyster Card/Student Travel Card
  • Apply for National Insurance (NI) Number
  • Prepare and Print CV
  • Register with a Job agency, e.g., Job Centre, Reed, Indeed, and Total Jobs
  • Go out and look for a job at a prospective outlet, e.g., Retails shop, Restaurants, Care homes, etc
  • Interview Preparations

Job Support

We happily support you at every step of settling in and finding a job in the UK.