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Who We Are

Overseas Education Consultant & Student Recruitment Agency

Welcome to Education Doorway

Education Doorway has always provided international students with guidance and support throughout the process. Due to our specialized knowledge of your goals and desires, we are able to match you to the best institution and course to achieve your academic goals.

By receiving customized guidance and recommendations, we will ensure that your transition to a new environment is as smooth as possible while maximizing your possibility of being accepted into the best universities in the UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia.


Our World

Interested in our services or need advice? Then please get in touch, and we'll be glad to help.

Our Background

We started in London and grew steadily. Our partners and clients highly rate us for our significant commitment and honest services. We have an ambitious plan to overgrow within the next five years.

  • Registered in London in 2011
  • Build five significant university partnerships within 1st year and over 80 by 2020
  • We have recruited over 2500 home and international students so far
  • 2020 our office in Malaysia and KSA
  • We continued to invest even during the pandemic year and grown

Our Business Philosophy

At Education Doorway, we are committed to becoming our clients' long-term, trusted partner. We work collaboratively each other and our partners to win together.


Our Vission

Provide a pathway to higher education for adult learners to offer better chances in life. Recruit a diverse learner and partnership beneficial for both the institution and the students.

Our Mission

To assist students and help them achieve their goals by leveraging learning opportunities through consistent quality ethics and providing a full range of professional services to clients (students).

What We Do By Using Our University Admission Application Platform

Create your profile in minutes and apply to multiple institutions and courses in seconds. Get expert advice on university & subject selection and application submission process. Choose from 30, 000+ subjects across the UK.


Using the Education Doorway Platform, students can search subjects and apply to the educational institutions that best meet their background and interests. Our team of experts give students with support every step of the education journey, together with reviewing their applications, making sure all documents are submitted, corresponding with the institutions, helping with the visa process, and assisting them start their journey to study abroad.


Recruitment Partners

Education Doorway works with 500+ recruitment partners to make education available to the students. Through our University Admission Application Platform, all recruiters can manage the application and information of their students while staying the latest on application statuses. Education Doorway submits application to the institutions and provides commissions to our recruitment partners once the student is enrolled.


Partner Institutions

By working with Education Doorway, our partner institutions have access to the network of all recruitment partners around the world. Education Doorway actively recruits students from a number of countries to bring their traditions and diversity to campuses. It is very important for a student to make proper documentation according to the University requirements. Education Doorway helps student for submitting their final applications and ensuring that students are qualified and meet all the guidelines of the institutions.


How we works

We believe in clarity and transparency. We have adopted the state of the world custom-built CRM that enables us to work more intelligently than many other industry players.

  • We assess student potentiality with complete transparency and honesty
  • We believe trust is built together and always a two-way street. And we work hard to do things in a way that never compromises the element of trust
  • Many from Education Doorway have benefitted from the experience of studying abroad. We want to provide this opportunity to all students
  • Dedicated UK based team - supportive to students, universities adn agents
  • Team leaders are UK graduates, fully trained, and industry compliant
  • No service fee whatsoever to the total potential students
  • We want to grow with our students and partners, finding always ways to give back and help them grow

Why Choose Education Doorway?

The UK welcomes nearly 500,000 international students each year (270,000 are new); 44% comes from Asia.

  • Our consultancy is 100% FREE. We offer impartial assessment, guide, and advice without any pre-conditions
  • Our services are personalized, tailored, and complete - they come with NO hidden charges
  • You will be allocated a caseworker who will be assisting you throughout the process, supporting you on any issues you may come across - small or big.
  • Our consultants are UK graduates with many years of industry knowledge and experience. They are friendly and make things simple.
  • We have made every process simple and easy to follow, saving you valuable time and money.
  • We have built trusted partnerships with world-leading institutes in the UK, Australia, Canada, USA, and EU; whatever is your passion and profile, we will have a provider for you.